Tetris Download List (2/6/2000)

This ridiculous list of Tetris Downloads was sent to me by Nova Powell.  For more information, including download information, contact him at novapowell@atl.mediaone.net.  

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 The Worlds LARGEST Tetris Clone Collection!!!
                          for ALL Operating Systems
            883 Files Total
DOS:363 files, Windows:372 files, other O.S's:148
wcPRO files listing.  Date: 02/04/2000 10:18am
Area[10]Tetris for WIN 3.X,9X,NT  372 of 883 titles
150BRICK.ZIP 1064K Bricklayer for Windows is a port of S
32CLR10.ZIP   404K 2 Clear? Kind of like Tetris, except
32COLL11.ZIP  591K 3D Collidascope for WIN95+ The object
3DBLOCKS.ZIP  684K 3D Blocks v1.2 WIN95/98/NT/2000 Share
3DBLOC~1.ZIP  647K 3D Blocks v.1.0 22/07/1999 Really 3D
3DC_DISK.ZIP 1047K 3-D CUBES TETRIS clone for win.3.1+ 1
3DT-V11.ZIP  1497K Tetris like you have never imagined b
3PHASE.ZIP    945K 3Phase is a beta release of a falling
3RDBLOK.ZIP   601K 3rd Block 1.0 is a game you want to p
95ATRIS.ZIP  2694K Alphatris for WIN95 What do you get w
95MTRIS2.ZIP 1346K Moraffware TETRIS for WIN95 v2.0 AWES
95MTRIS3.ZIP 2997K Moraff Tetris for WIN95 v3.0 AWESOME
ABLOCK~1.ZIP  245K Amazing Blocks v.1.113/05/1999  Amazi
ADVNTETR.ZIP  593K Advanced Tetric v3.2 for Windows 9x/N
ALFTRIS.ZIP  1790K Alphabetical Tetris for WIN95 make wo
ALICE.ZIP     468K Alice Cooper Tetris by DeathKnight an
ALIGN-IT.ZIP 1131K Align It! 1.0  Align It! - a strategy
ALPHTRIS.ZIP 3831K Build Words with falling letters in te
AMBLOCKS.ZIP  245K Amazing Blocks 1.1 for Windows 95,98,
ASTEROID.ZIP 2711K Asteroid Shower Ver 1.01 By Roy Lazar
ATETRIC.ZIP   621K Advanced Tetric v3.1 for Windows 9x/N
ATETRISB.ZIP   53K Amiga TETRIS for the M.A.M.E. Emulato
ATL.ZIP       618K Advanced Tetric Lite v3.1 for Windows
ATRIS10.ZIP  1790K Alphatris 32bit alphabetical tetris c
ATTRAX.ZIP    443K AttraX v. 1.0 by Craig Jardine Win95/
BAKUDEMO.ZIP  856K Baku-Baku Demo Tetris for windows wit
BB2.ZIP      1780K Binary Balls 2  is a Cool and fun Puz
BB2B.ZIP     1260K BALL BLASTER 2 BETA V1.6 Inspired by
BBLPZL.ZIP   1418K Conmeg's Bubble Puzzle '97 Arcade Gam
BCTMP.ZIP     589K BCTMP - Brian Caos Tempting Music Pla
BEDTER25.ZIP  378K BedTer 2.5 - For WIN 95-NT A BED-TER
BEDTRIS.ZIP   416K =================================== [
BEDTRIS2.ZIP  355K =================================== [
BGWATSON.ZIP  424K Block Game: A nice, clean and addicti
BLCKDRP.ZIP   511K Block Drop For Win95 Another TETRIS v
BLKD21_3.ZIP  398K Block Drop v2.1 BLOCKD21.ZIP From MG
BLKOUTGL.ZIP   29K Blockout for OpenGL Win/NT4.0+ Blocko
BLOCK2.ZIP    488K 1fold block Ver1.0 By Cats Family Sof
BLOCK21.ZIP   397K Block Drop v2.1 BLOCKD21.ZIP From MG
BLOCKD21.ZIP  512K Block Drop VER.2.1 for WIN95 by MG So
BLOCKD~1.ZIP   96K BlockDrop - another Tetris clone with
BLOCKMSE.ZIP  482K BlockMaster Tetris with added blockse
BLOCKS10.ZIP  219K Amazing Blocks is another variation o
BLOOBS32.ZIP 2271K Bloobs32 Tetris clone for WIN95 /98 /
BLOX.ZIP     1689K Space Blox for Windows Tetris-like ga
BLOXIT~1.ZIP   48K Bloxitris Ver2.0 A tetris like game.
BLOXX.ZIP     932K BLOXX for windows tetris clone with P
BLXITRIS.ZIP   48K Bloxitris Ver2.0 30-Jun-99 Win 95/98/
BLYR32.ZIP   1603K Bricklayer32 for Windows is a fast-pa
BOBTRIS.ZIP   190K "Bob"-Tris 32-bit v1.0  stack dobbshe
BOX311.ZIP   3194K BOXES III v1.0 <ASP> from DynoTech So
BOXES62.ZIP   903K BOXES v6.2 [ASP] from DynoTech Softwa
BOXTWO12.ZIP  941K BOXES II v1.1 <ASP> from DynoTech Sof
BRICKL.ZIP   1912K Bricklayer for Windows 3.1 is fast-pa
BRK_2000.ZIP  265K Bricks '2000 v1.0 (Win 95/98/NT) A ni
BUBBLE12.ZIP 1402K Bubbles v1.2 (ASP) from DynoTech Soft
BUBBLE13.ZIP 1351K Bubbles v1.3 [ASP] from DynoTech Soft
BUBBLE97.ZIP 1292K Bubble Puzzle v1.3d An addictive and
BUBLET10.ZIP 2199K Bubblet v1.0 (95/NT) Bubblet is an ea
CAPSULE.ZIP   556K Capsule version 1.0. Arcade game for
CAPSUL~1.ZIP  601K Capsule version 1.2. Arcade game for
CGTETRIS.ZIP  683K completely free tetris clone "CGTetri
CGTETR~1.ZIP  710K CGTetris Source Code package
CHAINR~1.ZIP  984K Chain Reaction Ver1.05 Category: Tetr
CHNRECT.ZIP   705K Ultisoft Chain Reaction 08-14-98  You
CLEARIT.ZIP   451K Clear It! Version 1.11 a challenging
CLKMANIA.ZIP  271K CLICKOMANIA! by Digipress GmbH  Tetri
COLFREE.ZIP  4627K Columns Millennium Ver0.8 a free Tetr
COLM32.ZIP   1819K Columns Max32 for Windows is a fast-p
COLMBRAD.ZIP   12K Columns by BRAD Fitzpatrick Tetris cl
COLOR331.ZIP  805K ColorStar 2000/Win Version 3.31 You l
COLORIS.ZIP   143K Coloris tetris columns clone for wind
COLORLIN.ZIP   65K Color Linez v1.1 ====================
COLORSJV.ZIP   56K The Colors Game  This is the public v
COOLTRIS.ZIP  295K CoolTris! Ver3.0 07-Jul-99 Win 95/98/
CRTRIS2.ZIP  1502K Cold Reflections TETRIS  and still AN
CRTRIS3.ZIP  2208K CRTetris version III Copyright 1999 b
CTRIS200.ZIP  482K CTris 2000 for Windows 95/98 Ver1.0 i
CYBRTRIS.ZIP 5520K CyberTris v4.0 05-20-99 by MoraffWare
CYBTRS40.ZIP 5519K Moraff's CyberTris 4.00 (95/NT)  Bomb
CYTROXIA.ZIP  413K Cytroxia tetris clone
DDROP10.ZIP  1132K DESK DROP Windows v1.0a Soleau Ddrop1
DESIGNER.ZIP  390K Designer, v1.0 for BOXES III <ASP> fr
DHTMLTET.ZIP  292K DHTML-TETRIS Game AND Server to insta
DIAGLE11.ZIP  973K DIAGGLE for Windows v1.1a Diagle11.zi
DINGY.ZIP     530K Dingy! Ver 1.0 an attempt at making a
DLOMTRIS.ZIP  451K 3D-LomTris for Win95 a game that feat
DMINE33W.ZIP  600K DynaMine 3.3 - Rotate, shift, and dro
DNPCTRIS.ZIP  564K DIGITAL Nightmares PCTRIS - Freeware
DROPBALL.ZIP  339K DROPBALL requirements: PC with P75 or
DUBJAGTR.ZIP  437K Double Jagtris v1.0 by SoftGun Blocks
DXTRIS11.ZIP 1970K DXTris v1.1 A Tetris clone written in
EB111.ZIP     222K Eliza's Bricks v1.11 (Freeware) arran
EML320E.ZIP    43K EMLITH v3.20 tetris for windows
ENETRS32.ZIP 1298K enableNetris32 v. 2.5 an extreme vers
EXTREME.ZIP   458K Blocks Extreme is a Tetris clone. Tet
FACES.ZIP     638K FACES Version 1.1 Tetris like game fo
FALBAL21.ZIP  543K Falling Balls (one of Monty's Games)
FALLOUT.ZIP    27K Tetris clone for Win. 3.0+
FCOLS12.ZIP    89K Foxy Columns v1.2 large format column
FGWTET11.ZIP  162K Fastgraph Tetris for Windows By Diana
FITUP090.ZIP 1383K ECLIPSE FIT-UP v0.90 Feb03, 1998 Tetr
FOUR2.ZIP      79K >> FOURTRIS 2, for Windows, N-E-WARE
FOXY14.ZIP     82K Foxy Columns Ver1.4 A simple Tetris-l
FP99.ZIP      589K Fruit Picker '99 Win95 20/07/99 In Fr
FRUCTS95.ZIP  229K Fructus Tetris with fruit a JUICY gam
FRUIT11.ZIP  1293K Fruit Cakes v1.1 (ASP) - DynoTech Sof
FSALAD.ZIP   1174K Fruit Salad", a Vintage Software prod
GAL3DTET.ZIP 3566K Galaxy of 3D TetriMania  Enjoy a new
GEETRIS.ZIP  1151K Geetris Version 1.1 for Windows 95/98
GELULE95.ZIP  142K Gelules Tetris clone akin to Dr.Mario
GEMMAS~1.ZIP  597K Gem Master Another "columns" clone th
GETRIS13.ZIP 1296K Geetris Version 1.3 for Windows 95/98
GETRIS14.ZIP 1308K Geetris v1.4 Tetris clone with intere
GITRIS32.ZIP  717K GIANTRIS 32 for WIN95+ Tetris clone
GSTORM21.ZIP 1320K =====================================
GTETNET.ZIP   153K GTetrinet v0.3 a clone of the popular
HEXAGEM.ZIP  5167K HEXaGEM is a Tetris-inspired game tha
HEXTETRS.ZIP   10K Hexagonal tetris for windows no color
HEYBEERM.ZIP 1412K Hey. Beer. Man v. 1.5 A wild twist to
HEYBEE~1.ZIP  335K Hey. Beer. Man. is the fast-paced,  f
HTETRIW.ZIP   232K Croatian TETRIS for WIN95 (c) 1997 Do
HXGSETUP.ZIP 5145K Hex-a-Gem Gather all the jewels you e
ICNTETR.ZIP  1889K icon-Tetris  This game is similar to
INETRIS2.ZIP  175K Software Forge iNETRiS 2.0  Multi-pla
IS32-2.ZIP   1290K IKO-SAN 32 for WIN95 TWO-Player Tetri
IS32_1.ZIP   1277K IKO-SAN DEMO WIN95 specific TETRIS cl
JAG30.ZIP     390K Jagtris30 From: SoftGun Ver:3.0 Decem
JAGTRIS.ZIP   517K Jagtris 04-28-98 by Gunther Serrano J
JAGTRIS3.ZIP  400K JagTris v3.0 (8-16 98) by Gunther Ser
JAVTETRS.ZIP   56K Tetris & Pentix Game  This is the pub
JEWELMAS.ZIP  151K JEWEL MASTER Version 2.0 February 12,
JEWELS.ZIP    140K Jewels  Tetris/columns clone for Wind
JEWELS95.ZIP  151K Jewels95 a tetris clone for WIN95 ONL
JGOGTETR.ZIP 4941K JGOtris From JGOware!   An enhanced v
JGOTETRS.ZIP 4683K TetriSaver From JGOware!   A new spin
JTED_MS.ZIP    39K JTED Tetris clone with several differ
JTRIS100.ZIP 2715K JTris 1.00 20 Feb 1999 Remember those
JTRIS3D.ZIP    75K JTris 3D 26 Oct. 1999 Well, this is t
KAMTRIS.ZIP   824K KamTris another TETRIS clone from a r
KENTRS41.ZIP  145K Kentris v4.1 tetris with sounds for w
KLOTZ.ZIP      37K Klotz v2.09 Tetris clone for Windows
KLTZ211A.ZIP   47K KLOTZ freeware version.  KLOTZ is a g
KRZYSHPS.ZIP 1677K Krazy Shapes 95 is a challenging tile
KUBIS96B.ZIP   35K KubisRelease 96B  Ein Geschicklichkei
LASBLO2.ZIP   807K Laser Blocks 2 Ver1.00 Date: 6-Apr-19
LASBLO23.ZIP  402K LASER BLOCKS Shareware version 2.3 La
LASERBLO.ZIP  168K Laser Blocks 2 Ver1.00 6-Apr-1999 Fal
LB22DEMO.ZIP  393K LASER BLOCKS V.2.2 for Windows 95 DEM
LB23DEMO.ZIP  403K Laser Blocks features an endless supp
LETRIS.ZIP    815K Letris - Ver.1.1 by Lee Blum SHAREWAR
LETRIS12.ZIP 1532K Letris V1.2 Letris is another Tetris-
LETTRIS.ZIP  5218K lettris tetris clone with letters fro
LOMTRIS.ZIP   452K 3D-LomTris for Windows 95 and Direct
LOMTRIXX.ZIP  488K LomTRIXX for Win95 - Shareware In the
LOOPZ11.ZIP    97K Tetris clone for windows thats a litt
LYMARBLS.ZIP 6761K LOSE YOUR MARBLES Tetris like game by
MAGICWRD.ZIP  800K SH-Magic Words (Win) Version 1.00 Mag
MARBLE21.ZIP  989K Marbles v2.1 [ASP] Puzzle game from D
MARBLES.ZIP  1228K Marbles II v3.2 [ASP] Puzzle from Dyn
MARBLES1.ZIP 1327K MARBLES 1.1 Have you lost your marble
MGCWRD.ZIP    800K SH-Magic Words (Win) Version 1.00 Mag
MGT2000.ZIP   360K MT2000 ver.6.5 Mega-Tetris 2000 for D
MINITRIS.ZIP  469K MiniTetris for Windows with KEWEL sou
MINTRI.ZIP    478K Minitris tetris clone 07-23-97
MINTRI25.ZIP 1133K Minitris v2.5 MiniTris will remind yo
MINTRISP.ZIP 1160K Minitris Penta 01-11-99  a Tetris-lik
MIXLINE.ZIP    90K Mixline Arcade Puzzle Game v1.00 A fa
MRBLES.ZIP    988K Marbles v2.1 [ASP] Puzzle game from D
MSGTETD.ZIP  3202K msgtetd.zip message tetris Tetris Mes
MSPUZZLE.ZIP 2426K MSPuzzle Pack from the author of TETR
MTRIS120.ZIP 1866K MEGA Tetris v1.20 (FREEWARE) Copyrigh
MULTI13B.ZIP  666K Multitet v1.3b  tetris clone features
MULTKITE.ZIP  561K MULTRIS add-on background files KITES
MULTREUN.ZIP  662K Multris add-on pack backgrounds very
MULTRS10.ZIP 1106K ****** Multris v1.0 for Windows 95/NT
MULTRS20.ZIP  279K Multris v2.0BETA is a tetris like gam
NEKSETUP.ZIP 12008K NEK Ver:2.0  souped up tetris type c
NETETRIS.ZIP  779K NetTETRIS 04-23-99 by Wei Gao two-pla
NETRIS32.ZIP 1024K enable Netris32 v3.0. falling blocks
NETRISFX.ZIP  196K Netris for Windows Sound Effects Upgr
NETRISGX.ZIP   69K Netris for Windows Wallpaper Grafx Fi
NETRIS~1.ZIP 1298K Netris32 Ver.2.5 Tetris clone for  In
NEUROTET.ZIP  493K NeuroTetris Req. win3.1 & microsoft e
NEWLINES.ZIP  156K NewLines 04-09-98 by Lena Pankratova
NKSCT_15.ZIP 4728K Netris Kombat - v1.5  Is it possible
NOTRUS.ZIP    261K Notrus  Absolutely stunning version o
NUDETETR.ZIP 1766K X-Tetris Tetris with an adult twist.
OOTETRIS.ZIP  574K OOTETRIS Great new clone from Hungry
OUTWORDS.ZIP 3033K OUTWORDS By Neon Games Tetris clone w
OUTWRD.ZIP   3033K OutWord v1.1 tetris clone for win95
OWLTET12.ZIP  384K OWL Tetris v1.2  written in borland t
OZ10.ZIP      815K Falling OZ v1.0 from DynoTech Softwar
PENTABL.ZIP    39K PentaBlox - is a puzzle game with twe
PE_TET~1.ZIP   42K Tetris clone entry for '95 programmin
POKERCHL.ZIP  425K Poker Challenge 1.4 for Windows. This
POKRTRIS.ZIP   34K PokerTris Tetris / Poker melange'  fo
POLLO32.ZIP   590K PolloPollo is a one- or two-player ac
POPGAMES.ZIP   19K 32bit pop games includes a tetris clo
PRESSURE.ZIP  799K Tetris clone for WINDOWS (32 bit)
PROTET95.ZIP  143K Progressive Tetris for WINDOWS 95 a R
PSCHATRI.ZIP   74K version of tetris done in 256 colors
PUREDIST.ZIP   68K Pure T*tris v.99 Win95 Pentium Based
PURETE~1.ZIP 1335K Pure TETRIS DX Tetris clone which nee
Q2GOLD15.ZIP  559K Quatris II Gold v1.5 The Ultimate Bra
Q2PLUS.ZIP    245K Quatris II Plus (UPDATE: MAR 1994): A
Q2PP.ZIP      408K NEW QUATRIS II++ from ASI: Award Winn
Q2TETRIS.ZIP  304K Q2Tetris port of tetris to the Quake
QAK2TET.ZIP   300K A straight port of tetris to the Quak
QUADRA.ZIP   4687K Quadra for Windows 95, version 1.1.1
QUADRA~2.ZIP 4278K Quadra v1.0.1 for win 98/NT tetris cl
RADO110S.ZIP  650K Radon v1.10 SHAREWARE DEMO  tetris cl
RAYTRIS.ZIP  1055K Raytris98 ver1.00 Copyright 1995-1998
RECYCLE.ZIP   223K >>> RECYCLE MANIA!!! <<< COOL game fo
REVOLUTN.ZIP  149K Revolution A Tetris clone for Windows
RE_TRIS.ZIP   376K re:Tris! -------- A phat, kickin' mut
RNBBALLS.ZIP  855K Rainbow Balls v1.0.0.1 [25-Jan-96] fr
ROBOCRUS.ZIP 4307K Robocrush is a fairly simple game to
ROCKSL.ZIP    326K ROCK SLIDE - the falling rocks game.
RUMDROP.ZIP    81K A solitaire game that you play like T
S&M.ZIP       522K Spin -n- Match v. 2.04b for WIN9xx /
SAME.ZIP       28K Same Game for Windows is a board puzz
SANTATRI.ZIP 1216K Santatris  In Santatris Santa throws
SCORTET.ZIP    18K ScorchSoft Tetris  tetris by another
SCORTETL.ZIP   17K ScorchSoft Tetris (low res. version)
SCSETUP.ZIP   773K SuperCube A tetris in 3-D game. The g
SFTETRIS.ZIP  609K Tetris v1.1 FREEWARE for WIN.95/98/NT
SGHTET09.ZIP 1857K SGHs Tris Game, by SGH Multimedia Inc
SHOP11.ZIP   1282K SHOP DROP v1.1 TETRIS Clone from Dyno
SHPCTRIS.ZIP  506K SH-PCTris 3D for Win95 * DirectX V3.0
SHPOGO.ZIP    624K Pogo's Dreams (Win) Version 1.10 You
SIMPTET1.ZIP  141K Simple Tetris Ver1.1E A famous puzzle
SISTET.ZIP    579K Sister Tetris 1.0 A very fast "hack",
SMZETRIS.ZIP 6747K Smzetris Tetris clone with ANIME' art
SNOOD21.ZIP  1001K Snood v2.1 03-22-99 by David M. Dobso
SPACBLOX.ZIP 1690K Space Blox 05-14-98 by Mark Hanson th
SPACEBLE.ZIP 1273K SpaceBlocks is a great remake of the
SQDEMO.ZIP    529K Squartris DEMO Tetris Variant for WIN
SQTRDEMO.ZIP  529K Squetris uses shapes similar to those
SSTETRIS.ZIP   17K ScorchSoft Tetris another tetris clon
STACK20.ZIP  1797K STACK v2.0 tetris clone for WIN95
STAX08.ZIP    208K STAX tetris clone ver. dated 4/10/98
STAXW.ZIP      11K Stax 1.5 is a variation on the classi
STETR25.ZIP   552K The S-Tetris'99 v2.5 for Windows 95/9
STETRIS9.ZIP  299K S-Tetris'99 06-03-99 by Ehrenberg And
STP_IT~1.ZIP 1878K Icon Tetris for Windows 95/98/NT It's
SUPRCUBE.ZIP  772K SuperCube is a 3-dimensional dropping
SUPTET12.ZIP  108K Welcome to SuperTetris version 1.2  *
S_TTRIS2.ZIP  148K Super Tetris 2.0 Tetris for the NEW C
T-STORY5.ZIP  475K Tetris+Story5 v5.0 Win95/98 07-Feb-99
T2KXL16.ZIP   178K Weather Club Tetris 2000 XL 16 bit ve
T2KXL32.ZIP   175K Weather Club Tetris 2000 XL 32 bit ve
TANTRUMS.ZIP   33K Tantrums another Windows TETRIS varia
TAZ.ZIP        98K TAZ - A Windows game in which there
TAZSW.ZIP      48K TAZ - A Windows game in which there a
TET4WIN.ZIP    19K Tet4win  What else???..  why TETRIS f
TET95NT.ZIP   112K Tetris clone for windows 95 or NT
TETFREED.ZIP  129K Tetris by FREEDOMX 01-01-99 pc2nieh@y
TETGOLD.ZIP  3536K Tetris GOLD  win95 req'd.  awesomely
TETJR31.ZIP   205K Tetris Jr. for WIN 3.1 first "AUTHORI
TETJR95.ZIP   198K Tetris Jr. for WIN 95 first "AUTHORIZ
TETLITE1.ZIP  158K Tetris Light for Windows95 v1.95 demo
TETM.ZIP     1106K TETRIS MASTER VERSION 1.02  Tetris cl
TETM102.ZIP  1576K TETRIS MASTER VERSION 1.02  Thanks fo
TETMSE.ZIP    481K BlockMaster Tetris clone for WIN 95 w
TETO130.ZIP    33K TETO v1.30 Another TETRIS clone with
TETRA10.ZIP  1587K Tetra Blocks a better TETR*S clone!!!
TETRAFIX.ZIP  230K Tetrafix v6.2 Tetris clone by HecNorw
TETRIS1.ZIP    43K TETRIS1 for Windows.dated 07-21-98 Te
TETRIS32.ZIP  184K Color Tetris for Windows Ver1.4 (32 b
TETRIS9.ZIP   124K would you believe it! another clone f
TETRIS99.ZIP  230K TETRIS99 FREE Tetris Clone for Window
TETRISAG.ZIP 1035K Tetris Again Version 3.1 for Windows
TETRISFO.ZIP  812K Tetris Forever from GERMANY tetris ga
TETRISLG.ZIP  818K Tetris By LGames  Up to two players a
TETRISLT.ZIP  155K Tetris LIGHT for WIN95 only a VERY LI
TETRISNE.ZIP  478K Tetris game! Network enabled! with co
TETRISPD.ZIP   95K TetrisPad Win 95 game v1.00 Kevin Lai
TETRISPK.ZIP  817K TetrisPack.Contains five Tetris-type
TETRISPR.ZIP  238K Welcome to the beta of tetris pro wri
TETRISRC.ZIP  147K tetrissrc.zip  Tetris clone done usin
TETRISS0.ZIP   22K Tetris for Windows3.1 pretty standard
TETRISW.ZIP    43K Tetris for Windows
TETRISX.ZIP  1318K Tetris-X 1.0  A Free tetris game  Tet
TETRISX2.ZIP 1350K Tetris-X v2.0 A Free tetris game by D
TETRISZE.ZIP  217K Tetriszen - Ver1.97 Win 95/98 - Freew
TETRISZN.ZIP  219K TETRISZEN vers. 1 AND 2 Copyright (c)
TETRIS~1.ZIP 1034K Tetris Again Version 3.1 for Windows
TETRIX99.ZIP   91K Tetrix '99 version 1.0 FREEWARE  Base
TETRIXD.ZIP   399K TETRIX VER: 1.25 "TETRIX" ist ein 256
TETRIXPK.ZIP  988K Tetrix Pack This package include thre
TETROID.ZIP   286K FREEWARE Tetris clone from Fiziwigs T
TETSKIN.ZIP    55K Tetris "skin" for "skinnable" program
TETWIN.ZIP     18K lets see now,... I'LL bet it's a tetr
TFTA299.ZIP   411K TransFormers Tetris Attack v2.95  Tet
TFTA98W.ZIP   688K TransFormers Tetris Attack for Window
TILEFA~1.ZIP  197K WinTileFall v1.1 by Adam Dawes 18Sept
TILES153.ZIP  696K Tiles and Tribulations  v1.53 (32-bit
TMDEMOL.ZIP  2575K Tetrimania Master Ver1.0 23-Jun-99 Wi
TMGAME45.ZIP 1352K TypingMaster Games v4.5 WIN95/98/NT F
TNET113.ZIP   387K TetriNET v1.13 PUBLIC By: St0rmCat (I
TOYBOX.ZIP   1114K ToyBox v1.1 (ASP) from DynoTech Softw
TR16V10.ZIP   144K Just Another Tetris v1.0 by Kevin Che
TR32V10.ZIP   144K Just Another Tetris (for Win95) by Ke
TRAKTETR.ZIP  362K Trak's Tetris v1.0a Trak's win32 GDI
TRIS1097.ZIP   46K Tetris for Windows dated 10/10/97 abo
TRIS30.ZIP   2978K Moraff's CyberTris Ver.3.00 Date:1-Fe
TRIS32.ZIP     24K -Extened Tris v1.01- <FREEWARE> This
TRISME.ZIP    347K *************************************
TRISME14.ZIP  507K TRIS-ME v1.4 Copyright 1997 "TRIS ME"
TRISTHIS.ZIP 2335K TrisThis! Ver0.5.2 Tetris-like game w
TRITRI.ZIP    412K Funny little TETRIS clone for Windows
TRITRYST.ZIP 1365K Tri-Tryst DEMO for Windows 3.1 OR 95
TRIX.ZIP       38K TRIX Freeware Tet*is type game with f
TTMGCFG.ZIP  1539K TrisThis Music Configurator (GUI Vers
TTRICE.ZIP    152K Tetrice Tetris clone for WIN3.1
TTRISAGN.ZIP 1099K Tetris Again ver3.01 for Win95(tm) by
TTRISPRO.ZIP  164K TetrisPRO Tetris clone for WIN95/NT I
TUBER11.ZIP   912K Tuberoid v1.1 tetris pipedreams type
TUBEROID.ZIP 3249K Tuberoid A hybrid game between Pipe D
TUBROID2.ZIP 1526K TubeRoid Ver2.0  Tetris/PipeDream mix
UNDER.ZIP    1063K UnderPressure Tetris clone
VALGTAL3.ZIP 1192K VALGETAL ver3.0, for Win95/98  "Val"
VB5TETRS.ZIP 1061K VB5 Tetris v1.05 a Visual Basic 5 ver
VB5TRIS.ZIP   291K VB5 Tetris v1.03 by Theo Kandiliotis
VEIT130.ZIP   490K Varmint's EITtris v1.30 Multiplayer T
VEIT150.ZIP  2291K Varmint's EITtris v1.50 Multiplayer T
VIKTRIS.ZIP  1029K VikTRIS for Windows Copyright c1994-9
WBLOCK20.ZIP  633K WinBlocker (Win) Version 2.00 You lov
WBLSETUP.ZIP  775K WinBlock is a 3-D dropping blocks gam
WETRIXD.ZIP  6439K Wetrix A blend of Tetris and Pipe Dre
WETRXDMO.ZIP 6439K Wetrix demo version of Wetrix is a cu
WINARE~1.ZIP  771K Win Arena Five different puzzle games
WINBRK96.ZIP  811K WinBrick96 Version 2.05b Stefan Kuhne
WINDOM.ZIP     88K The objective of WinDom is to align t
WINDROPS.ZIP 2032K WinDrops  Tetris clone for WIN95
WINDRP.ZIP    708K WinDrops tetris clone for 32bit windo
WINPCTRI.ZIP  412K WIN(95)PcTris by Digital Nightmares T
WINROT.ZIP     94K ROTATRIS for Windows The goal by play
WINTET.ZIP    162K Tetris for Windows with jay leno soun
WINTETRI.ZIP   41K tetris for windows
WINTEXTR.ZIP 1276K WinTextris by Sicco Strampel WinTextr
WINTILEF.ZIP  197K Remove tiles from rows and columns by
WINTR3.ZIP     15K WinTris v3.0 Tetris for windows
WIT.ZIP        23K Internet Competitive Tetris beta vers
WNTTRS98.ZIP  238K WinTetris (C) 1998 Peter Morris. All
WORDGTRI.ZIP  690K WordTris transfers the idea of the  p
WORDS11.ZIP  2237K WORDS v1.1 <ASP> from DynoTech Softwa
WORDTRS1.ZIP  690K WordTris transfers the idea of the  p
WRDTRISA.ZIP  690K WordTris transfers the idea of the  p
WRDTRS.ZIP   1412K WORDTRISS By David Koller All Rights
WST11.ZIP     303K upgrade patch to make ms tetris (come
WTETRIS.ZIP    35K Tetris for WIN95 in FRENCH  From fran
WTRIS101.ZIP  173K WarpTris(v1.01) - FREEWARE WarpTris i
X98-12.ZIP    802K X-Mess v1.2 WIN95/98/NT FREEWARE GAME
X98.ZIP       802K X98- X-Mess v1.2 A special Christmas
XINSTSW.ZIP   608K XTRIS (a.k.a. Xtreme Tetris) is the t
XTET_X.ZIP   1765K Kamasutra Tetris Una versione decisam
XTRISSW.ZIP   647K Xtris Shareware tetris clone for WIN9
YATC.ZIP       14K YetAnotherTetrisClone for Windows 3.1
YTRIS10.ZIP   922K YourTris v1.01 Add YOUR gfx and sound
ZETRIX.ZIP   1355K Zetrix Ver1.0 Freeware Zetrix is a 3D
ZOOP.ZIP     1305K ZOOP (tm) PC Demo Version: 1.0 Tetris
ZTRIS160.ZIP  164K Zentris (tm) ver.1.60 The Best 'Tris
ZTRIS162.ZIP  187K Z-Tris v1.62 tetris clone made with s
File Area [11] Tetris for DOS            363 of 883 Titl
!!Q2PLUS.ZIP  245K Quatris II Plus (UPDATE: MAR 1994): A
!!SPHERA.ZIP  975K A new and different type of "Tetris"
1993TRIS.ZIP   54K Great TETRIS TYPE GAME with different
1994TRIS.ZIP   87K =====================================
1ROTM.ZIP    1237K Rings of the Magi puzzle game by MVP.
1TPRO.ZIP     237K TetrisPro (beta) Tetris clone clone 2
2KTETRIS.ZIP   11K SmallTetris v1.0 Implemented by Tore
2TETRIS.ZIP    57K TetRiS Version 2.0, June 1992 program
30TETRIS.ZIP   21K Tetris clone written in 1990
3DMAN102.ZIP  144K 3D-Mania 1.02 demo, tetris clone that
3DPIT14B.ZIP  124K 3-D PITFALL, ver 1.4: geometric arcad
3DTET121.ZIP 1004K 3D TETRIS v.1.2 Jan 1,1996 *Contest V
3RDBLOCK.ZIP  340K Another TETRIS clone with VERY unusua
4TRIS.ZIP      34K 4Tris a new tetris clone: -playable w
93TRIS.ZIP     56K Great TETRIS TYPE GAME with different
AMOTRIX.ZIP   139K Amotrix V1.1. Date: 30-Mar-97. This i
ANITRIS.ZIP   436K AniTris Tetris with animal tiles and
ASW_Q2P.ZIP   221K tetris clone
ATETRIS.ZIP  1180K ACiD Tetris FREEWARE (C) 1997 Dungeon
ATOMTET.ZIP    37K Atomic Tetris v1.1 2 player tetris -
ATRIS_10.ZIP 2983K Alphatris v1.0
AXEQWT16.ZIP  114K Qwat v1.6  tetris clone reveals cutsi
BALLTRIS.ZIP  273K Balltris - is a tetris-type arcade ga
BALLZ.ZIP       5K BALLZ theme for ytris10.zip
BAM2.ZIP     3668K BUST-A-MOVE 2(tm) PC DEMO  The idea i
BB10C.ZIP    3265K BALL BLASTER V1.0 By Chris Haag Inspi
BB11.ZIP       58K BallBlaster V1.1 upgrade patch for BB
BBSTR11.ZIP    84K BBS*Tris V1.1  BBS TETRIS Door game
BDTETRIS.ZIP   25K This is a Tetris program.  It was wri
BEDTRIS1.ZIP  309K ----------------------------------- (
BERLIN20.ZIP   60K Berlin Wall Tetris clone plays from e
BESTRIS.ZIP    33K BESTRIS v1.01 Traditional and well de
BETRIS95.ZIP  152K BeeTris Tetris in a BeeHive so of cou
BEYOND12.ZIP   24K Beyond Tetris v1.2  Tetris clone that
BIPROLEX.ZIP 8170K BIPROLEX+(tm) Dynamic combo of TETRIS
BIPROX.ZIP   1714K Biprolex TETRIS clone smaller version
BIRDRIS.ZIP    45K a Tetris that gives the WORST possibl
BITRIS15.ZIP   35K BiTRIS<no_tm> v1.50 two player Tetris
BLOCKGAM.ZIP  120K Block Game v1.0 A nice addictive game
BLOCKOUT.ZIP   29K Blockout Tetris clone is in a prelimi
BLOCKS.ZIP      9K Blocks (A Tetris Clone) By Bill Kirby
BLOCKS13.ZIP   20K tetris clone
BLOX100.ZIP    19K Blox v10.0: Tetris variation from Eng
BLOXED.ZIP    452K Bloxed v1.11 Bloxed is a one or more
BM2DEMO.ZIP  3668K BUST-A-MOVE 2(tm) PC DEMO  The idea i
BOOBS.ZIP      10K BOOBZ theme for Ytris10.zip Knocker b
BRADST~1.ZIP    5K Brads Theme for Ytris10.zip
BREF-V20.ZIP 1359K BREF V2.OO FiNAL VERSiON  freeware &
BRIX.ZIP      109K BRIX is a Tetris-style arcade game. T
BRKDEMO.ZIP   464K BreakThru Demo In the award-winning t
BT.ZIP        226K Strange TETRIS clone from RUSSIA ALL
BTDEMO.ZIP   1106K Bubble Trouble DEMO another tetris cl
BTRIS120.ZIP   91K BOMBTRIS v 1.2 Copyright 1994 Vincent
BUBBLE.ZIP     56K BUBBLE TROUBLE Ver.1.0  (C) F.Dodd an
BUSTMOVE.ZIP  205K Bust-a-move (aka bubble crack) tetris
CBALLS.ZIP     32K CBalls v1.0 A Tetris clone with COLOR
CITADEL.ZIP   156K QUATRIS PRO ver 2.0 - Math Edition QU
CITRIS.ZIP    255K citris v1.0 (c) 1997 cap petschulat c
CLASTRIS.ZIP   26K Classic Tetris dated 06-21-96
CLK.ZIP       317K Clickomania Game v2.002 An Arcade/puz
CLRTRIS.ZIP   121K ColorTetris a simple TETRIS clone Thi
COL4DOS.ZIP    27K Columns for Dos  tetris clone
COLIDA11.ZIP  494K Colidascope v1.1 UPDATED VERSION of
COLO.ZIP       53K Colors v-1.1 Tetris clone for all spe
COLORBAR.ZIP   43K Color Bars, version 1.0 by Yuri Balag
COLORS10.ZIP   61K Colors (version 1.0) Colors is a tetr
COLORS20.ZIP   60K Colors v2.0 Tetris clone that utilize
COLTRS.ZIP    412K LOMAX COLTRIS  Here it is, the new LO
COLUMAU.ZIP    21K COLUMNS 1.2 by John Rotenstein Column
COLUMNPC.ZIP  343K Columns PC by Kenrick Mock addicting
COLUMNSM.ZIP   13K Columns/tetris clone from that same b
COLUMNSZ.ZIP    4K Columnz Theme for Ytris10.zip
COL_VGA.ZIP   139K Columns-VGA Tetris clone req. VGA gra
COMRADE.ZIP    56K Comrade 1990 Tetris Clone The basic o
CONNEX.ZIP    115K Connex cross between Tetris and Pipel
COTRIS.ZIP     38K CoTetris v1.2 Tetris with larger fiel
CRINSTAL.ZIP  460K Chain Reaction(TM)  Interactive Demo
DA.ZIP         30K "DA" game is a TETRIS clone with VERY
DA314.ZIP      49K The classic game of falling pieces wh
DARENA1B.ZIP  684K DOS Arena Five different puzzle games
DBLOCKS.ZIP    29K DBlocks v1.0 Drop the TETRIS blocks a
DEDRIS.ZIP    112K DEDRIS Tetris clone from GERMANY in B
DETRIS_E.ZIP  893K DETRIS GOLD v.1.1  One of the best 5
DINGY.ZIP     530K Dingy! Ver: 1.0 Dingy!" was an attemp
DOSTETRI.ZIP  115K Dos Tetris The FIRST VERSION there ar
DOUBLINK.ZIP   89K DoubleLink Tetris - Dr.Mario clone Do
DOUBLNK2.ZIP   93K DoubleLink (c) 1991 by Paul R. Tupacz
DRAK200.ZIP   365K --|****\ Drak v2.00 from Nostalgy \**
DREHTRIS.ZIP  139K ROTATRIS for DOS The goal by playing
DRIP100.ZIP   439K * DRIP v1.0 by Chaos Software * Req:
DRMSTA11.ZIP   81K [ DreamSTACK v1.1 ] The ULTIMATE Tetr
DROIRAM.ZIP   600K Dr.Oiram Tetris Clone You control pai
DROP.ZIP      798K PressureDrop Tetris clone
DROPDROP.ZIP  164K Tetris clone with unusual play, good
DROPEM.ZIP     66K Drop'em  1 or 2 player tetris clone
DROPSE11.ZIP   81K Unusual spin-off of the TETRIS parady
DRRUDY.ZIP     63K --DR. RUDY v1.35a (15 Mar 96) by Kevi
DT2P-FIX.ZIP  164K Disc-Tetris v2.0 with fix   another t
DTET.ZIP       48K D-TET Ver3.40 Welcome to D-TET! If yo
DUPLIX12.ZIP   55K Duplix v1.2 Tetris clone from GERMANY
DUTHBLOX.ZIP   81K Dutch Blox 4 tetris clones by DUTCH A
DYMINE.ZIP    472K DynaMine 3.0 <ASP> - Stack different
EFTETR.ZIP     47K tetris clone by Emil Fickel of German
EG0519E.ZIP    60K Egaint   tetris clone
EGAPET.ZIP     29K good T*TRIS game, the predecessor to
ERICTRIS.ZIP   35K Tetris Very simple Tetris clone in sc
ETETRIS.ZIP    83K The ORIGINAL Tetris written in 1987
FACEPB.ZIP    184K The Pacific Brigade Presents [6/16/90
FACE_DEM.ZIP  187K Faces Demo by Spectrum HoloByte 2061
FINTRS12.ZIP  378K -----==== FINTRIS V1.2 ====------ The
FITETRIS.ZIP   84K Fiery Ice Tetris is a strategy game w
FLIPDRP1.ZIP  107K Flip'n'Drop v1.0 Tetris-like strategy
FLOATR11.ZIP  350K Floatris - 256 color VGA/MCGA floatin
FLOATRIS.ZIP  338K Falling blocks are out! Floating bloc
FOURTRIS.ZIP   80K FourTris T*Tris clone by Mike Snyder
FP99SW.ZIP    675K Connect fruits in trees in this arcad
FRAC20.ZIP     69K Frac v2.0 tetris with some VERY nice
FUNKYPUZ.ZIP  709K Funky Bubbles Puzz... V1.5 [Freeware]
FUNTRIS.ZIP   180K FUNTRIS a tetris clone from GERMANY V
FUSION.ZIP     12K Fusion Columns/tetris clone for SLOW
GLASNOS3.ZIP  136K Glasnos3 tetris clone from Australia!
GLASNS30.ZIP  107K Horizontal falling blocks game, with
GOMAGIC.ZIP   674K MagicWords Tetris clone with LETTERS
GRAVTRIS.ZIP   49K GRAVTRIS - The time has arrived for r
GREMS.ZIP      11K Dr MARIO/Tetris clone in BASIC  most
GTTETRIS.ZIP   13K TETRIS - By Brian Dukes written in CA
HAIL.ZIP      266K **SharWare HAIL V.102 From RC SoftWar
HAL120.ZIP    202K Here A Little, There A Little v1.0 Te
HAT120.ZIP    821K Happy Arts Tetris v1.20 ShareWare tet
HD_BLOCK.ZIP   65K BLOCK HOLE another tetris spinoff. 4
HEXTRIS.ZIP    78K Hextris A tetris clone with: * Clock
HOWTRIS.ZIP    25K How-Tris by Howard Uman Freeware Date
HTETRID.ZIP    29K Tetris v1.1 Croatian Tetris for DOS (
IBLOCKS.ZIP    56K I-Blocks By Infinite Designs Sharewar
INFTRIS.ZIP    69K ==== INFINITRIS v1.0 ==== Absolutely
ION.ZIP       760K Ion This game is basically Tetris wit
IQ1A20R2.ZIP  364K iniquity v1.00a20 commo program w/INT
ISDOS.ZIP    1302K IKO-SAN DEMO - DOS specific TETRIS cl
JETETRIS.ZIP  427K Jimb Esser Tetris Tetris the Classic
JEWELM1.ZIP   102K The Funky Jewel Master 1.0 This Tetri
JGTETRIS.ZIP   27K Tetris by Jose M. Guerra  This is a t
JIMBTET.ZIP   427K Tetris the Classic for 386+ 265 Color
JSUTRIS.ZIP    15K JUSTRIS V1.40 (1999/Jan/24) Justris i
JSUTRSPR.ZIP   63K JUSTRIS PRO 2.0 (1999/Feb/14) Justris
KCODE.ZIP      20K KETRIS Ver 2.1 SOURCE CODE Wow, Anoth
KETRIS.ZIP    260K KETRIS Ver 2.1 Wow, Another Tetris cl
KLAX2_10.ZIP   46K KLAX-2 Ver1.0 You are supposed to "ca
KOSTET04.ZIP   58K Tetris04 Chaos Tetris WITH source cod
KUWAITRS.ZIP   51K KUWAITRIS by Husain Al-Bustan created
LAYERS1.ZIP    58K Tetris clone
MAECCA.ZIP     93K MAECCA, derived from the Old English
MAKTRIS.ZIP    30K Macedonian Tetris, the player can cho
MAKTRISE.ZIP   22K Macedonian Tetris, the player can cho
MATRIX22.ZIP  247K MATRIX v2.2 - Matrix is a full featur
MAXTRIS.ZIP    80K MAXI-tetris another tetris clone
MEGATRIS.ZIP   34K MegaTetris Tetris with an ATTITUDE! l
MINTRIS.ZIP   696K MinTris Version 0.1 by times9@clark.n
MNLTRIS.ZIP    31K tetris clone
MT2000.ZIP    359K MegaTetris 2000 for DOS/Windows95 (35
MTRIS10.ZIP    43K MATHETRIS 1.0 : Mathetris ist ein ein
MTRIS103.ZIP 1123K Maxtris - SVGA Tetris Clone with MOD
MULTIX.ZIP    128K Multix tetris clone with multiple blo
MULTIXII.ZIP  108K Multix II: 2/24/99 Revenge of the Squ
MYPROGS.ZIP    90K collection of games including 2 TETRI
N-TRIS.ZIP     76K n-Tris a tetris clone you were expect
NETRIS.ZIP     48K Network capable Tetris clone
NEWTET.ZIP     41K NEWTET Update vom September 97 Tetris
NOTES.ZIP     105K Fill music measures with notes sort o
NOVA_TET.ZIP  370K NOVALIGHTpresents 02 April 1995 NOVaT
NUCLEAR.ZIP   549K Nuclear Insanity a Tetris clone by Ne
NYET0.ZIP      14K NYET0 Simple TETRIS clone for DOS
NYET11.ZIP     17K NYET Version 1.1  Randomly shaped pie
NYET3.ZIP     602K *NYET3* "Revenge of the Mutant Stones
OBJETRIS.ZIP   38K Objectris Tetris clone programmed in
ORIGTETR.ZIP   16K TETRIS ORIGINAL Version 1.0 with prim
OTTRTETR.ZIP   90K Ottersoft Tetris Pack by Ryan Deardor
PADALICA.ZIP   62K Tetris clone from BOSNIA  give THIS g
PCTRIS10.ZIP  350K PCTRIS DELUXE 1.0 : Tetris Klone mit
PDTETRIS.ZIP   14K TETRIS  My program is freeware, subje
PDTTERIS.ZIP   42K This is just plain old Tetris, no fri
PENTRIS.ZIP    31K another tetris clone, this one from F
PENTTRIS.ZIP   55K Pentominotris v1.0 You have downloade
PHRMCY22.ZIP   73K Pharmacy v2.2: Tetris-like game where
PILE-M.ZIP    567K Pile'em: Remove all squares by dropin
PIT.ZIP        22K PIT v.2.00b by David Metzger & Arun B
PLAST14.ZIP   826K PLASTRIS (SW) v1.4  Simply the Best T
PLMTR11D.ZIP   24K PALMTRIS Tetris clone for DOS from Ge
POLLO2~1.ZIP  322K PolloPollo is a one- or two-player ac
POLYTRIS.ZIP   58K Polytris is a game with falling polyo
PORNTRIS.ZIP  535K Image Software Presents -=-PornTris-=
PSYCHTRS.ZIP   75K version of tetris done in 256 colors
PT120.ZIP      86K PhantomTris v1.2 Tetris with a playin
PT200.ZIP      45K PhantomTris v2.0  Tetris with a playi
PTABLE.ZIP    851K Periodic TablETRIS  created by Yue-Li
PUFFTRIS.ZIP  268K Pufftris Ever wanted something more f
PULSE.ZIP     275K Pulse: Ray-Traced 3D Graphics complem
PURE_1B.ZIP   687K Pure Tetrix V1.0 By Barry Gillhespy -
PUTRIS.ZIP    172K Putris-3 Combination, of Tetris, Conn
PYRO.ZIP      582K PYROMANIA By Andrew Lunn 1997 Tetris
QADRIS11.ZIP   20K Tetris columns type game from Germany
QBLOCKS.ZIP   200K Q-Blocks Tetris done in BASIC to run
QBMATRIX.ZIP   26K QB Matrix 1.0, Full featured Tetris v
QTRISM.ZIP     89K Qtris v1.0 MS-DOS Complete horizontal
QUADRA~1.ZIP  202K QUADRAX v3.1 Tetris Clone (c) 1996 -
QUANTE22.ZIP  184K QUANTIK V2.2  Quantik is an exciting
QUANTF22.ZIP  196K QUANTIK V2.2  Quantik est un jeu exci
QUATRAS.ZIP    60K QUATRAS is a game patterned after the
QUATRIS.ZIP    71K Early version of QUATRIS.  a collecto
QUOTE102.ZIP   87K Quote-Tris - A Tetris-style word game
QUOTRS10.ZIP   81K QUOTE-TRIS 1.0, Tetris style word gam
RAMMER.ZIP     47K Rammer   Tetris from right to left,..
RBLOCKS.ZIP   130K RunBlocks tetris clone for DOS
REMTRIS.ZIP    45K ---============REMTRIS v1.0==========
RETRIS20.ZIP   75K Super-Retris v2.0  Tetris by Bernal w
RIV13.ZIP      48K The Rivalry is a tetris-based game wi
ROPO.ZIP       53K Rodeo Poker tetris clone  make card h
ROTAK11.ZIP   112K ROTAKTIX  An insidiously addictive 3-
RUDY124.ZIP    41K Dr.Rudy v1.24 clone of Dr.Mario
RUDY140.ZIP    65K DR. RUDY v1.40 (15 Mar 98) by Kevin J
RUNTET.ZIP     45K Simple tetris clone  good play tho...
RUSSPACK.ZIP  251K RussPack combination of TETRIS and Ru
SATETRIS.ZIP   28K Still Another Tetris clone
SB82.ZIP       15K Super Brain VIII - is a tetris style
SBLOX20.ZIP   154K SUPERBLOX v. 2.0  (c) 1994 by SideTra
SCHMOO.ZIP     73K Schmootris v1.1 by Colin Gagnon Softw
SETRIS.ZIP     54K Sitris  Tetris clone that you can cha
SHERTETR.ZIP  262K shertetr.exe Tetris clone. New pieces
SHTETRIS.ZIP  262K Sherene's Tetris  tetris.exe Tetris c
SIDE04S.ZIP    47K SideTris - is a twist on the familiar
SIDETRIS.ZIP   47K SIDETRIS SIDETRIS is a variant of the
SITETRIS.ZIP   53K SITris - A game of the mind version 1
SITRIS.ZIP     54K tetris clone
SLOT110.ZIP  1470K SLOT-TRIS Slot-Tris is a Tetris like
SLOT124.ZIP  1275K SLOT-TRIS 1.24 ** Release Version **
SNOW.ZIP      428K SNOW Tetris clone with x-mas / winter
SOT.ZIP        28K Son of Tetris clone of the russian ga
SOVIET.ZIP     21K Tetris clone from the U.S.S.R.
SOVIETII.ZIP   23K Soviet Block II Head-To-Head-Tris  A
SPCTRS12.ZIP   54K Spectrus is a TETRIS type game of col
SPIRO12.ZIP   252K *************************************
SQUARED.ZIP    38K Squared! ver.1.13 22-Aug-1992  Square
SRTRS300.ZIP  287K Super-Retris v3.0 AWESOME Tetris clon
STACK.ZIP       9K Stack by James Allen It's Tetris, wit
STAXDEMO.ZIP   51K STAX is a Tetris-style online game wi
STETDEMO.ZIP  341K Super Tetris DEMO
STRIS11.ZIP   489K SLOT-TRIS F/X 1.1:Online Tetris/Slot
STRIS12.ZIP   490K SLOT-TRIS F/X 1.2:Online Tetris/Slot
ST_ZONES.ZIP    6K "ZONES" (playing fields) for Super-Re
SUPERTET.ZIP  558K Super Tetris an old VGA req'd. tetris
SUPTET~1.ZIP 1362K Super Tetris dated 1994
T20001.ZIP   1472K TETRIS 2000 v1.2 Pt.1 of 3  AWESOME n
T20002.ZIP   1571K TETRIS 2000 v1.2 Pt.2 of 3  AWESOME n
T20003.ZIP   1018K TETRIS 2000 v1.2 Pt.3 of 3  AWESOME n
T2V10B.ZIP   1716K TETR'IS ][ SVGA awesome Tetris(tm) cl
T3TRIS.ZIP     48K 3 DIFFERENT tetris's in 1 solo, compe
TAKTIX.ZIP     13K Taktrix, similar to tetris
TATRIS.ZIP      7K tatris another  clone for DOS
TEAMTRIS.ZIP   42K TEAMTRIS by Philippe Blais Copyright
TEAMTRS2.ZIP   42K TEAMTRIS 2.0 by Philippe Blais Copyri
TET.ZIP        47K TET a 1 or 2 player version of tetris
TET02.ZIP     223K Double Tetris v. 0.2 from Tihomir Dul
TET03.ZIP     285K Double Tetris v. 03 from Tihomar Dule
TETATK00.ZIP  467K clone of tetris attack for dos. vesa
TETBRO.ZIP     34K Another Tetris like game This one is
TETCLN20.ZIP   25K Tetris Clone 2.0.0 Tetris Clone is on
TETGAG.ZIP     33K Tetris GAG An OFFICE joke program whi
TETRA120.ZIP   60K Tetra v1.20!! Tetra is an online vari
TETRAFIX.ZIP    9K TetraFix v6.0 by Hector Noriega R tet
TETRAX2D.ZIP  248K TETRAX2d VER.2.d AUTOR : Dirk Aehnlic
TETRICE.ZIP   733K tetris clone on ICE makes for slipper
TETRICE_.ZIP  152K small but fast Tetris clone
TETRILL.ZIP    85K parody on Tetris This is FREEDOM-WARE
TETRIN.ZIP     40K Tetrin v1.1 Tetris clone for DOS
TETRIPZ!.ZIP  107K TETRIPZ! ShareWare Ver. This is your
TETRIS-D.ZIP   96K NICE tetris clone by Fibblesnork soft
TETRIS.ZIP    325K Turbo-pascal version of tetris
TETRIS04.ZIP   28K Chaos Tetris04 By Brian Caos Pedersen
TETRIS11.ZIP   28K Tetris Ver1.1 by Corey Garrow. Tetris
TETRIS12.ZIP   26K TETRIS  By James Greenstreet FREEWARE
TETRIS13.ZIP   25K Another TETRIS clone
TETRIS16.ZIP  233K Tetris v1.6 another TETRIS clone by D
TETRIS3.ZIP    43K Tetris clone
TETRIS45.ZIP   78K TETRIS Version 4.5 By Shamus Young Ju
TETRIS6.ZIP    12K and still ANOTHER clone of TETRIS for
TETRIS80.ZIP   16K Tetris clone from 1980!! a VERY early
TETRISCG.ZIP   28K Tetris, Version 1.1 by Corey Garrow.
TETRISDX.ZIP   97K Tetris modeled after the Atari versio
TETRISRN.ZIP  387K tetris clone
TETRISS.ZIP     6K Tetris clone dated 02-07-96
TETRIX.ZIP    148K tetris clone with "trix"
TETRIX1.ZIP   153K TETRIX Shareware v1.0 by FMD Software
TETRIX21.ZIP  447K TETRIX 2.1, Shareware by Crocodile En
TETROLIS.ZIP  202K tetris clone
TETRSCOM.ZIP    9K Tetris.com  tetris game with big piec
TETRSEGA.ZIP   48K EGAINT Tetris type game Egaint repres
TETRSM-A.ZIP   13K TETRISM  a TETRIS clone from a bloke
TETSRC04.ZIP   33K Chaos Tetris04 By Brian Caos Pedersen
TETSRCOD.ZIP   14K Tetris Source code FREEWARE
TETUN.ZIP     137K Tetris Unlimited, version 1.31, 23.04
TETWOMEN.ZIP    9K Tetris for Women
TETWORD1.ZIP  725K TETWORD by Calvin Ang
TEXTTRS1.ZIP  137K Another Tetris clone that uses letter
TEXTTRS2.ZIP  101K tetris using LETTERS to form words
TFTA98.ZIP   1919K TransFormers Tetris Attack '98 ALPHA
TMTRIS20.ZIP   44K TEAMTRIS 2.0 by Philippe Blais (C)199
TOMNYET.ZIP   126K TOMMY'S NYET (TM-121)  Try our multip
TOMO12GR.ZIP   65K TOMO 1.2  Yet another Tetris clone  C
TOMTRIS.ZIP   142K TomTris Tetris clone (req's vesa) Gre
TORUS10A.ZIP   56K Tetris meets dunkin' donuts!!!   snic
TOWER.ZIP     223K Towers is a 3-D strategy game similar
TPRO091.ZIP   186K TetrisPRO beta ver. Tetris w/power-up
TRANSTET.ZIP   14K Transparent resident version of Tetri
TRFD.ZIP        8K TetRound For DOS, release 1.12 In the
TRIANGLE.ZIP   61K tetris clone with triangles
TRIBLOKS.ZIP   47K TriBlocks 3versions of tetris play  i
TRIS-SRC.ZIP   14K Tetris Source Code in QBASIC FREEWARE
TRIS.ZIP       26K Tris tetris clone (See "Tris32.zip" f
TRIS109.ZIP   176K TRIS v1.07 - The TETRIS BBS Door! 25
TRISME97.ZIP  507K TRISME 97 v1.4 All Rights Reserved En
TRISTXTM.ZIP   12K Textmode Tetris by Dan Harder  Copyri
TRISX107.ZIP  368K -= Tristix =-  Shareware Version 1.07
TRITRIS.ZIP    52K tetris clone from LUXEMBOURG
TTETRIS.ZIP    64K Another TETRIS clone
TTRIS102.ZIP   38K Tetris v1.02 by Justin Tetris with so
TTRISHOV.ZIP   18K a small tetris written in 1999 with s
TVTETRIS.ZIP   37K TVTetris v2.2 by Hartmut Gunther in g
TWISTRIS.ZIP   68K Twistris by David Henderson dhenderso
TXMTET.ZIP     12K Textmode Tetris by Dan Harder  Copyri
TXTRIS32.ZIP  108K Textris 3.2 game: make words from fal
TXTTRIS2.ZIP  272K TextTris ver 2.0 by Adrian B. Danieli
T_TRIS.ZIP     21K TETRIS Bedoeling van het spel is de b
UPTRIS1.ZIP   277K -= SRM Productions =- Uptris. Yet ano
VALGETAL.ZIP   61K VALGETAL(Tm) ver shareware 2.41 Valge
VEIT122.ZIP   483K Varmint's EITtris Version 1.22 is a f
VGATET.ZIP     55K Super Tetris -SHAREWARE- VGA, 256 col
VGATET27.ZIP   47K October 1st, 1990... VGATETRIS v2.7 G
VGTETRIS.ZIP   16K the ORIGINAL tetris by V.Gamiserov(sp
VNTRIS10.ZIP  519K VN-TETRIS v1.0 Viet-Nam Tetris from S
VSQPC.ZIP      47K VALGUS^2 (PC) DEMO (6/29/91) In VSQ,
WDTX.ZIP      268K WORDTRIX VERSION 1.5 <ASP> Tetris-lik
WLTETRIS.ZIP  257K -=WildLife Tetris=-  Version 1.0  By
WORDTRIS.ZIP  294K WORDTRIS by Spectrum HoloByte Playabl
XFORT.ZIP      58K Xfort  tetris in the ROUND.. falling
XIXIT.ZIP     448K ---------------- XIXIT - Shareware! -
XTRISA.ZIP   1420K XTris is not tetris by any means! XTr
XXIV.ZIP       62K XXIV! Tetris clone with NUMBERS is a
X_TETRIS.ZIP  438K X-Tetris for DOS (5/18/92) X-Rated Te
YAT105.ZIP     42K YetAnotherTetris v1.05  different aut
ZENTRI.ZIP    113K Zentris (tm)ver1.31 The Best 'Tris in
ZENTRIS.ZIP   156K Zentris v1.62 "The Best 'Tris in The
ZOTTRIS.ZIP    41K Zot-Tris  arcade strategy game like t
File Area [12] TETRIS for ALL other OS's   148 of 883 Ti
12TET-HP.ZIP   92K 12 Tetris looking games for the HP48/
2NEWTRIS.ZIP  109K 2 Newton 2.x Tetris's  two different
3ATETRIS.ZIP   63K TETRIS Special Tournament Edition For
5OS2TETS.ZIP  330K Tetris's for OS/2 PM collection of fi
AFTETRS1.ZIP   11K YET ANOTHER X-TETRIS in linux by afas
ALLOST~1.ZIP 1509K Allostris Ver:2.0 Date: 03/07/97  Tet
ATETBEOS.ZIP 1218K Acid Tetris for BeOS R3 running on a
ATETCKTL.ZIP   54K Tetris (Atari Cocktail)  The original
ATOMD14.ZIP    64K Atomic Tetris For PSION handheld Germ
ATOMF14.ZIP    64K Atomic Tetris for PSION French Editio
ATOMIC14.ZIP   63K Atomic Tetris for PSION English Editi
BEBOP.ZIP     199K BeeBop a TETRIS clone for AMIGA
BETRIS.ZIP     32K Betris Ver1.0 Date: 02/25/98  Tetris
BLKPARTY.ZIP   10K BlockParty Tetris for the Pilot & Pal
BLOBS1~1.ZIP   93K Blobs v1.00 for Psion5 handheld syste
BLOCKP~1.ZIP   10K BlockParty for the Pilot a freeware T
BLOX-A~1.ZIP  393K Blox Arcade is four games in one appl
BLOXED-1.ZIP  452K Bloxed v1.11 a one or more player Tet
BONYX202.ZIP  762K BonYx is an addictive little game, va
BTZTRIZ.LHA   304K BlitzTriz Amiga Tetris clone
BUBBLET.ZIP    16K Bubblet 1.4 by oopdreams software, in
COLMNS12.ZIP   30K Columns v1.2 tetris clone for OS/2 Pr
COLOURS.LHA   408K Tetris/Breakout combo for AMIGA syste
COLUMNS3.ZIP    4K Columns3 Tetris clone for the TI-85
CTETRIS.ZIP    60K Challenge Tetris (UNIX) for 2 written
CXHEXTET.ZIP   30K hextris ver1 hexagonal tetris for lin
DTETRIS3.ZIP   26K Double Tetris v3.0 for the HP48 syste
EMUTETRS.ZIP  108K Emulator Tetris's TWO versions of TET
GEMDROP.ZIP    75K GemDrop for Atari 8bit is a fast-pace
GEMDROPX.ZIP  899K Gem Drop X is an X-Window game for Un
GEYSER.ZIP    341K Geyser Version: 1s.4 Date: 05/07/97
GORBY24.ZIP    49K Gorby v2.4 TETRIS Macro for MULTI-EDI
GRANDT~1.ZIP  540K Grand Teton ver1.6.1 for Mac by Arch
GREYTET.ZIP     5K Greyscale tetris for the HP system
GTETON.ZIP    330K Grand Teton for Mac by Arch Media Sof
HEXIS.LHA      69K hexagonal type tetris clone for AMIGA
HP3DTET.ZIP   735K 3Dtetris-1.0 Two 3-D Tetris games for
HPCBLOX.ZIP   254K HPCBlox 2.0! Tetris-like game for you
HPTETRIS.ZIP    4K Tetris for HP48 or HP48S computers  d
ITETRS16.ZIP  210K Intelligent TETRIS v1.6 (ITETRIS for
ITRIS14.ZIP   633K Intelligent Tetris clone for GNU unix
JAVJET~1.ZIP   96K Jetris is a tetris clone, written usi
JCOLORS.ZIP    55K Java Colors  Columns/Tetris clone to
JETRIS-1.ZIP  121K Jetris is a networked battle Tetris g
JTETRISP.ZIP   57K Java Pentix/Tetris clone to add to YO
JWEBTRIS.ZIP   11K WebTris JAVA Tetris SERVER and applet
KSMILTS.ZIP   239K ksmiletris Ver 1.0 Another Tetris-lik
LETRIS_X.ZIP   14K LETRIS a *etris clone, for Linux. Ins
LOONY.ZIP      38K Loony Tunes loony tunes theme for Psi
MACT2000.ZIP   58K Tetris 2000 v1.5 for the  Macintosh i
MATETRIS.ZIP    4K Matlab Tetris (MatRis, Matress) Use 7
MEGABLK2.LHA  371K MegaBlock v2  Tetris clone for amiga
MINTRIST.ZIP    3K MINITRIS theme for Ytris10.zip verrrr
MIPS_B.ZIP     24K Blocks (CE handheld, MIPS) Play a Tet
MOTETRIS.ZIP   31K Motley Tetris Talentebank  Tetris for
MOTLEYT.ZIP    31K Motley Tetris Talentebank  Prezented
NEWTRS12.ZIP   27K Tetris for the NEWTON OS  both ver 1
NEWZNYK.LHA   107K Tetris mixed with other games for AMI
NINTETRI.ZIP   77K Nintendo TETRIS run on any nintendo e
NTETRISA.ZIP   25K Tetris clone for nesticle emulator
OBSESS.LHA    123K Obsession TETRIS clone for AMIGA  it
OLEGSTET.ZIP  415K Oleg's Tetris JAVA Server/applet to i
OS2TET.ZIP     27K Tetris for OS/2 use PM to run
PBLOX20.ZIP   243K PBlox 2.0! Tetris clone for WIN/CE Pa
PILOMNS.ZIP    17K Pilomns 1.5 6/13/99 Freeware Pilomns
PLMTR11O.ZIP   40K PALMTRIS Tetris clone for OS/2 from G
POCKBL~1.ZIP   90K Pockblock From: MvR Ver:1.0 10/29/98
POPTRS.ZIP     17K PopTris v0.91862437(ie. still in alph
PSI120EN.ZIP  150K PsiTris v1.20 A Tetris clone for EPOC
PSIT114E.ZIP  150K PsiTris v1.14 A Tetris clone for EPOC
PUZZLE.ZIP     53K Super Puzzle Engine ver. 1.00 is a on
RHEOLISM.ZIP    5K Extra RHEOLISM V2.0 Rheolism is a one
SAMEGAME.ZIP    8K SameGame for PalmOS ver2.0 by Hein Ve
SH_B.ZIP       22K Blocks (CE handheld, SH-3) Play a Tet
SNEWTRIS.ZIP   50K Super Newtris for NEWTON2 OS is based
SOULTRIS.ZIP    6K SOULTRIS for HP48 another TETRIS clon
SQUR_OFF.ZIP  766K Squared-Off Tetris clone for the Atar
STETRISP.ZIP 2161K STETRISP .mov Another Macintosh TETRI
STRS_122.ZIP   32K STris version 1.22 BETA 28 June 1995.
SYZYGY.LHA    187K Syzygy  tetris clone for AMIGA users
S_TETRIS.ZIP   48K Super Tetris (c) Systeme D 1997  Runs
TBS-WTSE.LHA  398K The WORMIEST Tetris EVER   tetris clo
TED11.ZIP       9K Ted-Truss 1.1 for PalmPilot This is a
TERTIS~1.ZIP  230K TERTIS by Tracy of Sick (Merlin Hughe
TET82-23.ZIP    5K TI-82 Tetris V 2.3 Tetris V 2.3 Overv
TETDRM~1.ZIP   39K Tetris clone for the SNES platform in
TETFLASH.ZIP   70K TETRIS for the NES system From the Ca
TETMAX29.ZIP  956K TetrisMAX v2.9 Tetris clone for Macin
TETRAS.ZIP     15K TETRAS Version 1.25 Revision I JAVA W
TETRHEX.ZIP   112K TETRHEX - package version 1.41b (05/0
TETRIN.ZIP     18K TETRIN 1.0 by Hide Itoh  the best Tet
TETRIS-B.ZIP  161K Tetris-B plays Tetris for RISC OS 3.5
TETRIS-N.ZIP   76K Tetris for the NES. or a nintendo emu
TETRIS-T.ZIP   25K Another TETRIS for Nintendo or emulat
TETRIS21.ZIP   10K Tetris 2.1 for the HP48 system with f
TETRIS2R.ZIP   18K Tetris2R for the Sinclair OS z-80 com
TETRIS52.ZIP   14K TetrisHP v5.2 : one of the best tetri
TETRIS83.ZIP    4K Tetris 83Z Ver1.2  By: Bill Nagel Tet
TETRIS9K.ZIP    8K Tetris9k --------  Tetris9k is a clon
TETRISA.ZIP    18K TetrisA Tetris clone for the Z-80 sys
TETRISBL.ZIP  157K Tetris (Sega Bootleg)  The original M
TETRISCE.ZIP  988K TetrisCE Tetris for the WindowsCE han
TETRISCO.SIT  650K Tetris for the MAC  in .sit archive f
TETRISCS.ZIP    9K TETRISCS Tetris for the Z80 system
TETRISGB.ZIP   21K Tetris for the GAMEBOY handheld syste
TETRISLT.ZIP  108K Tetris Light for 32 bit application f
TETRISPH.ZIP 2387K Tetrisphere for the MAC in .mov forma
TETRISSX.ZIP    9K TetrisSX! for the HP48 calculator wit
TETRISV.ZIP     9K TetrisV by Konstantin Klyatskin  Nobo
TETRIS_U.ZIP   11K Tetris97 The ultimate (well, not quit
TETRIS~1.ZIP    5K Tetris for your HP-48 handheld How to
TETRITEN.ZIP   25K M-Tetris for the nintendo must have e
TETRJAVA.ZIP   55K Java Tetris to install on YOUR websit
TETROS2.ZIP    26K TETRIS/2 is a game of tetris for OS/2
TETRS128.ZIP   16K TETRIS v1.28 another tetris version f
TETRSAM1.ZIP  132K Classic tetris for the Amiga. Ver:1.0
TETRSWEB.ZIP   11K Tetris for Web pages add this Tetris
TFALL15.ZIP    27K PSION Tile Fall v1.5 Tetris clone for
TI-ATAK.ZIP    26K Tetris Attack By Brandon Sterner This
TI-YOSHI.ZIP   18K YOSHI v1.0 by Brandon Sterner Collect
TILFAL15.ZIP  126K Tile Fall for Amiga v1.5 Tetris clone
TRIPL107.ZIP  162K TRIPLES is a tetrislike shareware gam
TTETRS95.ZIP   35K TT95, Tetris for the HP95LX by Gilles
TTRIS13J.ZIP   26K TETRIS/2 game of tetris for OS/2 play
TTRISB~1.ZIP  156K Tetris "bootleg" for M.A.M.E.
VALGUS.ZIP     46K Very unusual tetris  must be SEEN to be believed!!!
VGATETX4.ZIP  123K vga_tetris by Adam P. Jenkins <apj@twain.oit.umass.edu> Thi
WELLTRS.ZIP    28K Welltris for the Z-80 Sinclair computer
WRDTRISJ.ZIP   63K WordTris a one player word game for the Palm Pilot III  and
X11TET42.ZIP  348K xtet42-2.01 One or two player game of tetris for X11. This
XFALLOUT.ZIP  530K xfallout-1.0 falling blocks game for HP-UX game of blocks
XPICTET.ZIP   834K Pictetris for Linux - Written by Mike Taylor and Arturo
XSQUARZ1.ZIP  182K XSQUAREZ Ver 0.1,(c) Tuomo Valkonen 1997 an X11
XTETR26.ZIP    23K X11 Based Tetris / Version 2.6 This version of xtetris has
XTETRIS2.ZIP   81K x-tetris  a clone with some unusual features
XTRIS114.ZIP  612K xtris-1.14 networked version of Tetris for X11.  The game
XTRIS20.ZIP    72K Program: xTetris AR29.0 Tetris with a twist. Shapes are
XTROJKA1.ZIP   50K Xtrojka Ver.1.2.3 a tetris/columns clone  Trojka for the X
Y1.ZIP       1192K y1.zip SLACKWARE - Games, the BSD  collection for UNIX This
YOSHI83.ZIP     7K Tetris clone for the TI-83
ZETRIS.ZIP     10K ZETRIS by Vadim Zaliva Tetris clone for SHARP ZARIUS

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